Invulnerabily Ulx Gmod Help?

I need help to make it so my admins or donators wont betray me by banning me or kicking me because im the owner.
I have been banned from my own server by my admin once.
Please dont ban me if im in the wrong section i just need help.

This should be a extremely straight foward step in setting up a server…
Perhaps you should start by checking the ranks for unwanted access.

But its not thats the problem. I just need a command

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First off lets not bump a thread 3 times in 30 minutes, people will eventually see it and if they can help they might.
Try reading this, it may help.

Doesnt help

A. Get a different admin
B. Go to groups in ulx, then manage groups and find admin. Click it then you should see a cant target box to thee right. Type this in here: !%yourrank. Sonic I was owner and didn’t want admins touching me I would put !%owner in that box for admins. Then click update. Repeat for the other ranks too. Should work unless you messed something up.