IP Banned Issue

Hi, i own a darkrp server and i was using the HLSW tool and i was trying to send a message on the server and i forgot i changed the RCON password of the server and i kept clicking send and then it gave me a notice that i was IP banned, is there a way to unban myself?

You done goofed…

Your best bet is to contact your service provider of the server.

They can unban my IP?

Go into /garrysmod/cfg/banned_ip.cfg and remove your IP from there.

If it’s not there, then just restart your server and it should be ok.

Facepunch, i have a big problem. I was looking at the updates for Garry’s mod, i was pretty happy becuz you guys got an autobanner for hackers. But when i started playing, there came a sentence: “Gobally banned cheating, winject Hera”. The only words i dont know is: Winject. And besides Hera is a god if you know that Facepunch. Seriously, your autobanner needs to be fixed, and please help. SteamID: STEAM_0:1:53344236. Thank you.

Hera is a name for a Garry’s Mod hack, too… Google would have told you that withen the first 20 seconds of searching. You literally just self-incriminated yourself.