IP To Country Not works!



Seems to be not worked.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
-<Response> <Ip></Ip> <Status>MOVED</Status> <CountryCode/> <CountryName/> <RegionCode/> <RegionName/> <City/> <ZipPostalCode/> <Latitude>0</Latitude> <Longitude>0</Longitude> <Timezone>0</Timezone> <Gmtoffset>0</Gmtoffset> <Dstoffset>0</Dstoffset> </Response>

Just appear like that. have no ip and stuff , even appears “unknown” in game


wait what why are you using xml

The script queries a webpage which returns information in xml form which can then be parsed.

The truthfully thing is , I am not from Spaaaaaace