IP To Country - Unknown

I have a dedicated server with this addon. When someone connects me back the following message:

Playername connected from unknown …

Any ideas?

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There’s only one explanation.

He’s connecting from spaaaaaaaaaaace.

Really though, grab his ip (type status in the server console) and run it trough who.is or something.

I ask for your IP whois and I respond well but the addon does not :S

What addon is it?

Ip to Country 1.5 - http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=874331

That addon was last update January 6 2010.
Using common sense we figure out why not all IP’s are registering!

Did the way ip’s work change between then and now?

I’m pretty sure that new IPs are being assigned as IPV4 is running out.

Shouldn’t it only be the new IPs that wouldn’t be in the database, and it’s mostly server hosts buying them up rather than ISPs seen as ISPs already have huge pools.

Well, I’ve been using GeoIP and I have yet to see anyone connect from ‘Unknown’

Not the same GeoIP than Ip to country. Know any addon like the ip to country without the geo, it also gave me problems, this does not directly working demo?


Sorry I use google translator:

Ip to country dont work… i need other addon similar… Fix or solution…

~ ¿hola español? ~

voy a rehacer este addon que me gustaba cómo se convirtió en el servidor con la gente quejándose de que no eran de la región x el estado x cada vez que generó

no promesas sin embargo !

Muchas gracias :slight_smile:

Wait,what you saying now? There is a new one?

CapsAdmin will try to fix the addon

I have a simple one that says Playername (SteamID) has joined from Country if you want it.

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require( “geoip” )
function _R.Player:Country( )
local country = GeoIP.Get( self:IP ( ) ).country_name
if ( country == { } ) then
country = “the abyss”
return country
hook.Add(“PlayerAuthed”, “joinMsg”, function(ply, sid)
if ( !ValidEntity( ply ) ) then return end
local sendies = RecipientFilter()
for k,v in pairs( player.GetAll( ) ) do
if ( v != ply ) then
sendies:AddPlayer( v )
umsg.Start( “playerJoined”, sendies )
umsg.String( ply:Nick( ) )
umsg.String( sid )
umsg.String( ply:Country( ) )
umsg.End( )

[lua]AddCSLuaFile( “autorun/client/cl_join.lua” )
local function playerJoin( um )
local nick = um:ReadString( )
local steam = um:ReadString( )
local country = um:ReadString( )
chat.AddText( Color( 255, 255, 255 ), nick, Color( 255, 204, 51 ), " ("…steam…") ", Color( 255, 255, 255 ), "joined from ", Color( 102, 255, 51 ), country )
usermessage.Hook(“playerJoined”, playerJoin)[/lua]

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Oh, you will need http://www.facepunch.com/threads/969950-GeoIP-Virtually-instant-geolocation

Mine works from php no module needed.

Then I just need to create those two files in the given directories and it works?


require( "geoip" ) function _R.Player:Country( )     local country = GeoIP.Get( self:IP ( ) ).country_name     if ( country == { } ) then )



AddCSLuaFile( "autorun/client/cl_join.lua" ) local function playerJoin( um )         local nick = um:ReadString( )