Ipad for engineer


I’m really amazed every time you post an edited pic of yours, how you can make it look drastically better.

Fantastic work editing it.

That’s awesome! Good job.

Nice job, it looks great!

Looks damn fantastic! Finally some colours. I am impressed by your drawing and shading.
It’s a bit too blurry, though. A soft sharpening would help I guess.

Wow, looks great!
Could you shed some light on how you got this result?

Pretty sure he just uses the paintbrush tool and paints as you would normal digital art.

Doesn’t change the fact it makes bad graphic settings look good.

No words to describe it.

This just came in my mind when I saw it .

"It’s cool, but what’s this thing’s REAL utility ?"
“You just said it . To be cool .”

I don’t know how you inferred that I was saying his technique is a negative thing.

That’s just what I automatically assumed. Nice to know you weren’t though.