iphax (player_connect ip hider)

Since it was requested:
[release][h2]iphax[/h2](player ip hider for that pesky player_connect event)

Download (linux only for now):
Put the iphax.so to garrysmod/addons folder. Make a iphax.vdf on the same addons folder with content

 "file" "../garrysmod/addons/iphax"

Usage: You can unload the plugin with plugin_unload if you need to.
Customization: there’s convar “net_event_playerip”. Look at the original value and you know what to change, if you really need to.[/release]
Windows release coming right after someone posts it or I get visual studio’s c++ side working on windows 8.
PS: Shitty code. Feel free to cleanup, I can’t be bothered.


Awesome, thank you

Privacy at it’s best.

This will be obsolete when the gmod update comes through but it’s pretty useful, good job!

Obsolete for Garry’s mod, but It’ll still work on any other source game.

Nice. But why does it need to work with windows 8? Didn’t you mean windows 7?

My windows is windows 8 atm so that’s why I said 8. It’ll work on any windows after I compile it for windows. Sorry for the confusion.

Compiled for windows, untested though.

Click here for iphax_windows.dll

Win 8? Didn’t know that this existed.

It’s in pretty early development if I remember correctly. Will probably be released in mid to late 2012.

Only thing more outrageous then PlayerConnect hook showing clients ip is the servers that run sourcemod and display clients ip and country. That sure is a smart idea in this day and age.

«¦HG¦» Clark -No monitor <STEAM_0:0:39962440> connected from country United States (US), IP

DDoSing, prepare to go offline for days Clark.

oh poo tried installing this on my windows servers, but I guess the GSP don’t have the Visual C++ 2010 Redist installed on the boxes :frowning:

The plugin just needs to be recompiled without vs dependencies.

EDIT: Updated the linux build. Now it won’t crash if you try to unload it… Also tidied up the code a bit more…

Recompiled without the VS dependencies, still untested though.

Click here for the new iphax_windows.dll

Just tried your recompiled version.
However when I use the command net_event_playerip it gives the error "Unknown command “net_event_playerip”

That command did work fine on your previous version (testing this on a LAN server)

My windows version worked previously, you mean? I updated to pythons new source, maybe that is broken.

I’m getting unknown command as well, but on the latest Linux version

yeah on your 1st windows version the command “net_event_playerip” gave a result, but on the 2nd one it does not.

But since Banana Lord has same problems on Linux I guess it’s an issue with python’s code.

Sorry about that, it should still work though although you can’t change the ip. I’ll check it out tomorrow but for now, night.