Iphone 4S Entity

Hello,i end of make my first code,and i make it on 28 hours,is very hard to say,but,i don’t know what have i do… :S

The code is simple,but i can create this Features

-Flash effect (auto flash for troll xD)
-Explosion on shoot (A big boom for a people)
-A custom effect on explosion (cinematic explotion)
-Funny message on press “E” (Some of my phrases)

Some pictures:

Thanks for see…this is the download page

Thanks for see…and sorry if you spec a addon much complex,but,the .org delete my file…

I don’t know what are the codes of the forums for make a download link…so,sorry

Does it blend?

no,because…this is a poor addon,and i hate myself…

Give us Siri!

Interesting. Pretty funny. Hope to see it in Garry’smod.org, it’s a 404 for me.

There you go. He might want to update his OP.

That looks pretty cool
But please don’t use “XD” in Facepunch

I’m amazed that you said “please”. Usually they’d say “Stop using XD”.

What do you mean buy “them”