Iphone APP

Hey guy what do you think about the Iphone companion app

It’s just a prototype so we need your help
please answer this very quick survey about the app (3 questions only!!!)
Here is the screenshots:

Here is the survey’s link:

Interesting idea, doesn’t seem worth 99 cents for it yet though since it has the functionality of any group chat you can make (Facebook messenger, kik, group sms, etc.)

I’d like an iPhone app, I think you should add a resource calculator and a minimap to maybe!

How about make an android app and make it… Free! I wouldnt pay 99 cents just to do something i can do over steam chat

There is a lot of more than a just a chat

You will be able to recruit member, find clans
manage them

send alerts to a single person or a group
share things like a door code
see general stats

and more features that we are developing, but these are just screenshots of an prototyte

but we are finishing the iphone first
and than we can think about android =)