Iphone Hud

So I have thought about it and this would be a good idea, I just need some help with creating some stuff then I am done


looks like a good idea, maybe make the iPhone bigger and don’t use that background or icons.
Maybe take an image of your phone instead of using those shitty stock images, it’ll look better.
Use a font like Segoe UI / Segoe UI Light.
Probably add two phones, one like in your screenshot and one on the bottom right of the screen, except in vertical, with a cable going down, connected to something not on-screen, and when you choose a new weapon the phone quickly flicks off and on again, showing the new ammo counters

Since it takes a good chunk of the screen, I would make the phone come out for some seconds when a variable you’re showing changes (e.g. you spend money, get hurt, etc.) and since it looks like you’ll be showing the health, I would make it stay if the health is <25 or something like that. Also, the player might wanna check stats, so make it pop out if they press the context menu or something.

I dunno it’s just an idea.

Looks like a very nice new way to show the HUD however a suggestion I think it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to make the battery life of the phone the health bar. Maybe just me but I feel it would just make it extra special, nice work!

Yeah no I dont like it much