IPIsoft, motion capture for the masses.

I searched around a bit but didn’t seem to find anyone who already mentioned this.

The website speaks for itself, both in title and the videos of the product.


It’s basically Motion Capture made much more simple, it’s completely free of markers for a start. I don’t know how well it works in reality but really, it seems a pretty nice system, and apparently it ports for Half-life 2.

Wait, so this is basically motion capture without needing to buy all that expensive gear and you just need the program and a webcam?

oooh, does it work? Have you tried it?

Looks like they offer the dancing animation in smd format, nice.
It is free for 30 days then you have buy it it seems.

Looks interesting if it really works.

Now I just need a fucking webcam fuuuuu

Looks interesting, though.

Does it need a GOOD webcam or will a cheap one do?

Half-Life machinima just got better.

Wait wait, if it actually works, can’t we like, load a movie clip into it?

Probably not if the camera moves and it’s not the entire body.

Looks pretty awesome. Seems like this could take off somewhere!

So did anyone actually try it?

Heck, if I remember this when I get home (8 hours) I’ll see what I can do with the trial and my brothers webcam (if I can find it)
'Cause I can’t animate for shit so getting a functioning mocap would be great.

wonder how it works. I would think it locks onto a range of pixels. then try to track the movement of it.
and if that’s true you’d need hi-def video feed to get anything working right. especially with a single cam.

although It be interesting if someone get it working with just a webcam :slight_smile:

If it needs hi-def it’s no problem, but if it needs a webcam, it might become a “challenge” as I have no idea where my brothers webcam is. But I guess it’s close to his computer

In the video of this site you see that they used 1 and 2 cameras per example. In one of them there is used a normal webcam.

If I get my hands on a webcam, I am SO trying this.

I think in 30 minutes i can show you how much it works

You are 28 minutes overdue :v:

Because i found no way to bring im moving…