iPod Commercial and Aimbot video

These two videos are what I think one of my best works by far!

Both Videos were done with after effects and sony vegas
Note: I didn’t actually use Aimbots

This video is one of many Arka Teks Music Videos to come! Also we were testing out our new greenscreen map in which in my opinion worked out extremely well!
iPod Commercial (Credit to the Arka Teks)

This video pays homage to freddiew’s aimbot video which i tried to replicate in TF2.
Note: It took me 4 hours to do the ironsights part… still got alot of sleep that night :slight_smile:
Aimbot (Credit to Freddiew)


Even the zdark logo at the start was amazing, excellent work. Keep em coming.

Thanks man! I hope to get more views! Subscribe if you want!

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Needs more replies to this video!

They were pretty cool, but they both were really dragged out. The iPod commercial shouldn’t have been longer than 20 or 30 seconds, and the Aimbot video’s pacing was slow as well. And, if you intended to give it a more cinematic feel, I’d have used some camera tools such as Catmull.

GOod videos but they both could have had like 80% of them cut.

Thanks for the heads up! I’ll remember this in future :slight_smile:

The gun looks small too. freddiew is awesome with FX