Ireland 1 offline, seems reoccuring.

Ireland 1 has been down for 3 hours now, im not sure if anyone is aware. But also this server seems fairly unreliable, you guys think its worth switching to a different one or many this one will become more reliable?

Ye… after every wipe the server takes a day to get back online.

4 hours now ! when is this going to be fixed ?

I dont really get it the server was running perfectly smooth yesterday evening after the wipe, and now this morning it went offline and has been off for over 5hours now, any response facepunch about the servers status would be great.

I know if it wasn’t for the downtime this would be the best server in my opinion but it doesn’t seen as if it’s with the other servers like it’s hosted somewhere completely different or something, just feels odd

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And it was running perfectly all last night with max 250 players!

facepunch, when are you gonne give us a status update of the facepunch ireland server?

this isn’t ESO; if the server is down, just play on another one.

wth ur talking about dude, i got all me BP’s farmed on this server, why should start on a new server?

Starting a new server at the start of the wipe cycle having to farm bp’s is chaos tbh

besides farming bp’s at this point is hell with the xp system coming out in a month

All I want is at least acknowledge that they know the server is down and it’s being worked on, so I know something is happening behind the scenes

I think I might just migrate away from the server, as this is beyond a joke and it seems to happen every single wipe.

1/10 customer service Facepunch. An acknowledgement of the server having issues should be the bare minimum, not what people are shouting for.

They are game developers and they cant just make a simple announcement screen, maybe on the start menu or in their site, to give the basic info about servers maintenance or when server is down or when individuals servers will force wipe etc etc… Thats such a simple idea. I dont understand.

A whole day down with no announcement? Do they realise people actually play their game?

If they just had one of the admins spare 2 mins and post “someone sat on the server and it will be down for a day” (or whatever the legit reason is), then I’m sure most people would be fine about it. It’s just the lack of comms.

I guess they aren’t even checking the forums… I’m even nervous we will get banned for complaining

down for 12 hours now without any word at all from anyone , gonna be a nice weekend playing rust it seems

*gonna be a nice weekend not playing rust it seems

12 hours of downtime now

Still offline. What is this?

I know like 15 hours, what if the server was just down for ever and they just didnt tell us?