IRL veterans and dependants... lets form up on Rustafied server

It has come to my attention that some players of this game are true veterans of the U.S military of differing branches. Thank you for your service.

As a veteran myself, med boarded in 04 as an E6, I would like to sound a call of duty and unite players who have served.

A little history of my gaming:

I played Americas Army under a group of vets that go by (1VB) “First Veterans Battalion” and they required a DD-214 to be part of their group (you could fake your way through, but talk would be evidence enough you were not a vet). Blah blah… other games have come and gone.

There are some players in Rust that know their military either through active exp or their parents exp. This is the target audience for a strong group.

I dont expect this to take off soon or become something super awesome. It would be nice however to communicate with those in a game where we understand each other in our backgrounds of living a crazy military life.

Send me an email @ if you are a vet or a dependant of a vet who would like to team up. This is not going to happen overnight.

What would be a good name for this type of “Clan” group. While I am partial to 1VB, another would be best as it is a different game.