IRM - Improved Realism Mod

Ever wanted more realism to the great sandbox game garrysmod? Ever asked how you can improve your games graphics over the maximum settings? Here you get the answers!

The IRM, or Improved Realism Mod gives you everything you need!

Yummy! Super cool High-Dynamic-Range effects!

Bullettime with cool new Sounds recorded from F.E.A.R.! Pistol shell ejection fix and improved water impact effects! (not made by me!)

Nice bloom effects!

Additional features:

-Xtra realism with realistic Gravity and removed crosshair!
-Now with a nice new Colorcorrection-Feature for bullettime!
-Added similar adjustments: More gibs, higher difficulty and weapons-fastswitch!
-Press and hold B for Bullettime!

Video (Thanks to Inigo for this awesome video!):

Have phun!

version 1

version 2 with Volumetric Light:

WOW 700 downloads =)

New shortened CaliEdition for weak PCs:

Did you know this is FREEWARE =D

Wow. This is wicked! =D
Good work?

Er… have you even tried it??

Hmm… Compare and Contrast image would be nice.

Why so many of exclamations =\

Exclamations are cool =)

Edit: I will now set up Hi-Res pix…

maybe becuase he always yells everything out?

gonna try it now, but it looks good.

How much FPS does it take?I wunna play it but I like NPC wars so I`m afraid that it will lagg more with it. :frowning:

Well you can disable the graphics mod if you want to by deleting the HQ mod directory out of the realism.cfg file… but the hq mod only uses the graphics card while npc wars primarily use the CPU. Best you try it out =)
My specs are Pentium 4 2GhZ 768MB RAM GeForce 7600GS 512MB VRAM and I play it without any lag on GM_ATOMIC.

Oh ok I have Intel Core 2 Duo 6420 (I think) 2.13 overclocked to 3.20 with ATI Radeon 4870 512 MB 4 GB of RAM.Is it enough?lol

Oh god my eyes.

Yeah^^ this would be probably enough xD
I’m still working on even more beautyful effects… hang on…
I’m thinking of motion blur post processing and improved colorcorrection and maybe I will also add volumetric lightening

All this is, is a bright sky, different sounds, and some shitty effects.
Either I have bad tastes, or this is just generally horrible.

I personaly didnt have the chance to test it yet but as he said before hes working on other effects and trying to make the game more beautiful so I suggest you wait a while for the new release.

If you do not like a part of the script, you can just delete it. I really can understand if some people don’t like everything, that’s why you can customize it really easily. just open the realism.cfg file and delete the HQ mod part. Also it depends from the map where you use the script how the lightening works. on my fav-maps, where I tested it it looked pretty good. I tested it on gm_atomic gm_forest2008 and gm_industriallake_hdr.

EDIT: Update is going to be released tomorrow with volumetric light and a bugfix (if you go from a dark room into a bright one now the world won’t get white anymore!) and maybe I will also add motion blur and a blurry overlay for bullettime!

Not to be picky but could you add a freaking menu?
I hate searching for hours of trial and error only to find the splash effect is but white squares…
I mean it is a post procesing effect right?
so maybe a menu where you have all the features and can click 'em on or off.

open the realism .cfg everything is descripted in there. delete what you don’t like. a menu is impossible for me, I’m quite bad at lua…

Open it? my pc says it doesnthave the program to open said file…
EDIT: OH! the notepad!
so just delete the text i dont want?
ex, //Reduces your speed a little and running won’t increase your speed that much anymore. Default would be 10000.
cl_forwardspeed 300
cl_backspeed 150
cl_sidespeed 200
cl_upspeed 300
cl_pitchspeed 300
cl_yawspeed 300
delete that to go faster?

I believe that this forum section is for Lua releases only, not configuration files.

my splashes are white squares…