Iron Front Liberation 1944 Character Models

All Character models in OBJ format

the head_textures.rar file contains over 100 different head textures design


credits for X1 Software , deep silver, Bohemia_Interactive, AWAR

All this was made possible by beat the zombie


Medal of Honor European Assault***

Models from Gamecube version , without quality but ideal for a collector or other things



Visit the webpage of the artist

These look awesome, thanks.

There are americans in Iron Front ?

Anyway, goo job, I hope that someone is going to ragdoll them, especially the artillery officer.

yeah , in the new dlc

Bohemia’s gotta rape you). Anyway, hit my PM, i can give you some advice about ripping from this engine.

Only in the D-Day addon. The vanilla version of the game (without addons) focuses on the Soviets and Germans.

Suck it up, Bohemia. Not your game, not your models. In 99% they can do nothing about it.

Hope someone will make some good ports out of these models, thanks, luxox.

But Trek, It’s from their engine and they go apeshit if you rip from their engine (Real Virtuality 1-4). Thats why theres no IF or Custom Arma models

Any chance we may be able to get some of the static weapons or vehicles?

yeah , in the next few days. the weapons and vehicle models are very decent

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bonus added (Meda of Honor European Assault character models from gamecube version)

They don’t allow to rip from THEIR games. IF is not THEIR game, Iron Front devs BOUGHT the engine license and crazy Bohemians can do nothing about it.

They don’t want addons for their games ripped, because it’s they game and they decide if we could rip the models or not. But Iron Front is not their game. If Iron Front was an add-on for ArmA 2, then we couldn’t port the models. We don’t know what do the IF developers think about porting their models, though.

Maybe it’s better to ask them first, like with the FH2 dudes.

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Jesus, my english is shit.

Oh shit I remember European Assault.

Way back when it seemed like the most realistic looking shooter I played at that stage of my life.

any update on the weapons and vehicles

Bumping just because I would kill for the vehicle models from the DLC. Someone gotta rig the Americans, the DoD:S ones are just old.

God I would kill for these models with faceposing. So much awesome stuff in that game. If you could get the vehicles it would be awesome too. My ports are kind of gibberish.

Half Dead is working on the faceposable head from this game.

Also, would be awesome to have some weapons from Iron Front.

How did you get these models?? once they are binarized it’s impossible to get them… how??

There is a way but I don’t remember how. I found out how this summer and I didn’t use it for like 6 months.

All of the normals are inverted.

It’s pretty easy. Google P3D Analyzer.