IRON MAN 2: Model conversion to gmod

very well people i know many threads here already requests iron man, but since the xbox 360/ps3 are unrippable for now (one dude made it but won’t share the process =(…
so unlike other threads before this, many people used the old iron man 1 pc game (port from ps2/wii) with pretty low res and shitty textures to work with, i offer you the IRON MAN 2 from wii, wich models are slightly better and textures are a hell lot better than in the 1st game
a photo can say more than 1000 so here’s proof of my ripping wich is W.I.P

you know same drill as mgs, i release model pack, someone port them to gmod… how bad it can be?.. oooh wait

Looks rather good in my opinion.

I 100% agree with you; the Iron Man from the first game is overused but yet it’s so inaccurate. I mean, look at the headsculpt!