iron man 3 models

I’ve seen mods for GTA 4 that give you multiple iron man suits from the IOS game iron man 3…

So is anybody thinking about rigging them as ragdolls for gmod?
it’s doable right? I’m only interested in the models being usable for garry’s mod.

That’s a shitload of taxicabs. I think the models are on here somewhere but don’t know if anyone is working on making them GMod files.

i was doing some avengers stuff a while ago, included iron man 3 stuff (war machine was done but i never posted a pic of him)

Hot! Did you actually release those Avengers stuffs?

when can this be available? O:

i released the mark 7 (avengers) suit today

you are… A GOD!!!

However, would it be possible for those of us using the Maker of Films using Source to get a download link?

wait, i thought it would already be sfm usable, unless there’s more to it, correct?

I uploaded it to SFMBox but they update in 2 days, so until then

IK rig for the ‘original bones’ model is included.