Iron Man ragdoll model!

I would really like an Iron Man model to be made to make comics and stuff.

It could probably be ripped from the PS2 version, but it’s low poly and not as nice looking as the 360 and ps3 versions.

I was talking about the mark 3. Not to be rude or anything, just that ya… that’s what I meant.


Oh and for anyone who is going to say “Download the model on”
Just don’t post it because that model looks like crap. It looks like a chromed out ragdoll. If it were realistic, it wouldn’t be shiny like that.

Someone could port it off the PC version of Iron Man. The game has heaps of the armors, including the mark 3.

Nah the PC version has crappy as detail compared to the 360 and PS3 version.
I wouldn’t be surprised if they just ported the PS2 version actually.

Here’s what the pc version looks like: Very low quality textures at 128 x 128

Very low quality textures at 128 x 128.

Is there a way to change the quality of the textures?

The PC version looks WORSE?? I thought I’d seen everything before you actually proved that one…

Just because it’s low-res doesn’t mean it’s worse. We best hope someone can skin it higher-res to 1024 resolution.

Holy shit… Dawn of War’s textures, viewed up close look better than that. D:

I will Retexture the PC version if some one Ports it. I will be able to Reskin it so it looks better, but i never figured out how to do a Larger image for it. If some one will get me this, I will be able to make it not look so horrible.

I read somewhere that ILM sent the Iron Man 3D model used in the Iron man movies for Iron Man to the game devs. is this true? At least in the x360 and ps3?

I’m not sure about this but most movie games have very low graphics. Why?

Time and energy to make high quality, they need to rush the release so they make more money when the Hype is high.

That is the Mark III, The PS2/Wii version has pretty much the same model as the 360/PS3 version, just the polycount was lowered as well as the texture.

Alright well if anyone Ports this, send me a PM and I will work on the Texturing.

here is an ironman model


Is that rigged?

If not, me or Snood could rig that and Mosquito could Hi-Res it >.>

That’s definitely an overuse of the reflection shaders.