Iron Phoenix's Mapping Tutorials

Ok, as some of you may know, i have been making a few video tutorials. It seems, completely by accident i have made them easy to follow, but now i need some ideas of what to do.

You can find my channel here:

So far, i have been making tutorials off either cool things, or redoing 3kliks tutorials so they are actually accurate. So, if you have a request for a tutorial, either something you are not sure about, or you want me to rip off someone else’s tutorial but make it so that the tutorial actually tells you what you need to know, then please request it. If i get loads of little ones, ill make a special, with cool music and effects, and it’ll all be wowtatsic and mad.

Also, i must be doing something right, as 3kliks himself endorses my channel. Well, what he actually said was:


How bout a trigger_push tutorial? They always get the better of me…

Car cannons you say…

Haha! That’d be fun! But I was thinking more along the lines of say a arrow being fired through a hole and damaging you severely.

Sup ronnan :v:

Sup hawx, your gold now? :open_mouth:

Yeah bro.


Hawx, must you spam every thread you go into?

Anyway Phoenix, could you do a tutorial on making lights look good? Sprites, arrangement of lights, light_spots and point_spotlights, etc. I haven’t checked your channel in ages so you may have already done this.

Totally man…

… Anyways yeah. Nice tutorials Ironpheonix, would like to see one on complex geometry. (Good cliffs, etc.)

I briefly did a little bit, but i reckon i could go into a little bit more detail. The first time was part of a drive to stop the 3kliks shit.

I’m still unsure as to how he found my channel, maybe its because i’m tagging them all as 3kliksphilip…

Have you done one on good looking destruction? (Structures or parts of structures that are destroyed properly in a scripted sequence, that kind of thing- like walls or small houses.)
I’ve never been good at that.

Or just things that are already destroyed.

I haven’t yet. I’d probably lump that in with hawx’s suggestion. I’m looking at doing the lighting one tomorrow, and then i’ll see what else i have next, but keep them ideas rolling in.

Oh, and so that you guys have something to stare at in the meantime:

Scroll up and down and it looks funny

Good tutorials, keep them up!


Acctuley looks like my first attempt at making a square :open_mouth:

Good tutorials, you should make a tutorial with optimized lighting and lighting combination

On rail to derailment in 4.0 posts.

Keep up the tuts though Iron.

I must say, it wasn’t as bad a derailment as most. More like the a tube train running a red light, than potters bar.

New video going up as i type this. Enjoy.