Iron Warriors and Raptors skins (DOW2 Models)

Using the .psd custom files from the DOW2 Models SVN, I created files for the Iron Warriors Chaos Space Marine legion, and the Raptors Space Marine chapter for use in a comic idea I had. Unfortunately, I do not know how to make these into skins to use for the models, or how to apply skins to models, which is why I came here. I was hoping someone could make the .psd files into skins and apply them to the models.

For the Iron Warriors I have files for:
*Chaos Space Marines +
*Chaos Sorcerer +
*Chaos Predator tank
*Chaos Dreadnought

For the Raptors:
*Space Marines + (Including Apothecary and Librarian. I did not edit the Blood Ravens banner as I do not intend to use it, but the file is there just in case.)

  • indicates models with priority

If someone could do these, I would be very grateful. And if possible, could someone post or link a tutorial on how to do skins as such? I searched through Google and didn’t really find anything I understood.

The files.

I’m currently half way in to a coma, but if you’re editing psd files doesn’t that mean that you have a photoshop? If yes, you just need to download the .vtf edit plugin and you can easily replace texture maps if you don’t need them hexed.

I had used Fireworks 8 to edit them. Guess I could get a Photoshop trial and do that, assuming it doesn’t work with Fireworks.