Iron Within


so fucking good gbrhrbghrbsf

This is fucking awesome. Great work.

Excellent, how long do these normally take you?

I love everything but the dude standing on the sandbags with the heavy bolter, looks really unsteady.

Besides that it’s a really awesome screen!

well i took care of the in-game stuff and half of the editing work yesterday night and finished the whole thing today

probably uh i dunno, 4-5-6 hours total

You can never have enough Dakka.

Nice, I love the effort you put into your work. It really shows!

I came.

Picture so nice I came twice

aw ye


Hear me now, the day we get good Space marine models is the day I attempt to beat you at your own game.
This will likely never happen, but it’s worth a shot.

Anymore lasers and it can be a laser rock show.

Great work as always Joazzz

you’re taking a baseball bat against a Bloodthirster

Worth a shot you know? Might get lucky. :dance:

My favorite legion. Thank you so much, Joazz, for the new wallpaper.

Iron Without

Simply astounding work.

I came

Also love the baneblade but then I notcied the Titan leg behind it, was one of those “aww shit, stuffs gonna get fucked up!”