Ironic Sign (Photograph of a billboard)

Find the secret.

I see the sniper. Is that the secret?

Yes you win one anal probe, enter the operating room, bend over and put your chest on the bed, and remove your pants and underwear

Goodie! I used to get free anal probes when the aliens bothered to abduct me. They have been ignoring me of late. Cynical bastards:)

They just got bored with you from abusing you too much.

I don’t see the point of posting this, its just a billboard with a bad posed sniper under it. (The pose looks bad for what I can see)

And the secret wasn’t hard to spot, I found it before the billboard :v:

I noticed the sniper, But i would of thought the secret would be:

1. The Fact FOAD Stands For Fuck Off And Die
2. The Exit Is 666 (Number Of The Devil)
3. Or The Guy Hanging Himself In The Cliff

Those are references to the sniper himself i think, and it’s “Camping fun all year round”


I spent 2 hours on him and then valve’s lods broke him

easy secrets

r_lod 0

Where is everyone getting that billboard?

says here on the second page (read it all though)

the “secret” is pretty obvious…