IronIcGaming Needs your help

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What kind of help are we looking for we are looking for Lua coders and material and model makers Reason we want to get Rid of perp what are we going to make well.
:siren: Stuff thats going in the plan. :siren:
Well what we have thought of so far is that we are going to use perp as a base and make the gamemode out of the nexus framework which is going to be the key to getting this gamemode a beta in a months time if we get the coders to do it we can get the beta up and running on the server merging the database so that everyone still has their money,cars,items,etc… and this will make the server ALOT more stable than it is now. For now we will have perp running until this beta is out. Things to know some of the new cars will be removed. This server will be on a different map. There will still be NPC’s all of the cop,firemen,medic player models will be on it. We will be using perp2’s player models.

And thats it we have cover’d everything. Message me if you want to work for us. What do you get in return well admin of course and anything you need. Need money well all the money I have is used for paying for the server and website. So don’t count of that.

Umm use PERP as a base and use nexus framework? That doesn’t make any sense.

You want people to code pretty much a whole gamemode for you for free? Good luck…