Ironman 3 IOS/android game

Hey everyone,

I was wondering if it would be possible to rip 3d models from the upcoming IOS and Android game “Ironman 3”.
I know we can rip models from pc and console but seeing I haven’t heard it was possible for cellphone games I thought I’d ask here.

I heard it’s possible to decompile android games so there might be a chance. Though I not sure if it’s only the code or everything.

Ok thanks for the info dude ^^
I hope we can rip the models, I make and 3d print ironman armors and I’d love to have all of them :open_mouth:


Grab the .APK, open with 7-zip, look around folders, hope they’re in a usable image format, profit.

Unless the game uses a well documented format, which I doubt since it’s probably optimized for a mobile device, you’ll have to figure out how to open them.
the last time I looked into decompiling android apps/games, you could get them into smalli, which is kinda like assembly, which might give a clue into loading the format.

ok cool, but what exactly is smalli and assembly ?
I’m sorry that I might look noobish on this stuff but I’m getting as much info on this as possible.

Considering the target platform and delivery method, the models are either inside the main .APK itself or inside another addon archive that may or may-not be an APK.

After that the model is probably in some kind of binary format, do you know if the game uses Unity or UE3?

No clue to be honest, up until now they only released one trailer.
I will buy the game and upload everything people would need.

But by the looks of it it does remind me a lot of quake, on how the model select works the UI and everything so I think there is a big chance its on the UE3

assembly is like a text based representation of machine code, which is what tells the hardware what to do. Copy this data into this register, do this with it, put it here, etc. Smali(I always think it has 2 ls)is like that, only since it’s run on Dalvik (Android’s implementation of the Java VirtualMachine), it’s not the actual hardware.

Hello, I’m looking for information on how to extract the iron man 3 models from android, I found these files with ironman_mark15_fly.bdae extension and texture so mark15_d.and, they know with which program they can be viewed or opened to dub the format to .obj thanks

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