Ironman-like Flying Mode

I’ve always wanted to play a game with a fast and cool flying engine, so I made a flying-ironman-like ragdoll whose fly can be controlled by rolling and pitching. It’s really funny to control, but it’s too hard…

A video:

Yeah, I don’t have an ironman model lol

I don’t know how to make a game mode or else to improve this and make it more funny, so i’m posting this here for somebody else to do it lol.
I think it would be cool by adding thrusters on the ragdoll’s hand and making a tool or a lua script that can modify the ragdoll’s position so it can move it’s arm to change the hand thruster’s direction, so it rolls.
hope you got the idea lol

Don’t complain about my spelling, I am spanish so it sucks :slight_smile:

Read this before posting

SOrry, I noticed that, but I couldn’t find a way to erase this post