Ironman-Mech type thing made with PAC

My friend was messing around on my server and made this.

Hes gonna make a more sleek design. Also, my other friend is an Expression 2 Expert and he is making his version of it with E2, it will actually protect from shots and stuff.

It just looks like a random mishmash of random props.
Any explanations on what it does? Videos? More pics?

Looks like a suit that sticks to your playermodel. Cool stuff. PM me if your friend does make it in the end.

So its a player model with resized props on it…I don’t like it.

Since when did Ironman have an oversized gear-head-thing? :v:

Also if you want to make a good looking suit with PAC then more than one prop per body part is probably the way to go (or at least something other than cubes)

Until you do what you said and either make a ‘more sleek design’ or get one to work with e2, this isn’t really thread worthy IMO

It looks like a hatmaker creation to me.

PAC is an advanced and enhanced version of HatMaker.

And it still looks like shit. There has been much better stuff mad with PAC, and this is like, 6 props max. Too boxy, and waaaay too plain.

cool stuff

PAC = Hatmakers superior brother.

Cool stuff

Yeah this sucks pretty bad.

Cool stuff


must… donate… one doller… want to… kick things

Cool stuff.

Agreed. Even I have made better-looking PAC things.

Don’t make it boxy unless you want it to be a walking pile of metal crates. Right now all the parts look like you didn’t really even try. The torso is a box and the limb parts look just bad like that. Use round props and soft shapes. Improve the head a lot. That kind of helmet just lacks shape and doesn’t look like… a helmet. How does the wearer see? It doesn’t need a visor, but at least add some sensory equipment. Add detail here and there, and if you want it to be a sealed armor suit, don’t make it look like a big, fat stick figure. It’s a full-body armor suit. Make it bulky. No, I’m not telling you to make it look like something out of Unreal Tournament or Gears of War, those are just over-macho junk metal (Well, nothing stops you from using those designs as references). Make it look like it really protects wearer but that the wearer can also move with it on. Currently, because of the boxyness, it looks like a clumsy pile of trash. It needs to look flexible and it shouldn’t look so uncomfortable that it’s impossible to wear. The hand parts are also weird. You can try to make some kind of armored gauntlets with fingers and all, but that is hard. You should just use a playermodel that has gloves and cover both sides of the palms with something. Most of all, you must put effort into what you’re doing. Effort takes you pretty far. If this is the best you’ve got, then you just need to try again, again and again. Practice makes perfect. And if you don’t want to try again, then don’t.

I’m not a master at designing an armor, but I wanted to help.

Cool stuff.

This looks like shit.

This IS materialized shit.

let this thread die.