IronReise ZombieSurvival

Hey guise! im Kruel kramer, the owner of IronReise Zombiesurvival!
our server is a fun server where you kill zombies, barricade, or kill humans!
as a human, do what is stated above. build a barricade and kill zombies. see if you can survive all ten waves!
if you are unfortunate enough to be picked as the first zombie, or killed by a zombie, you will be a zombie. so dont die!
as zombie- your role is simple, KILL HUMANS! as the waves progress, you will unlock more zombies to play with.

what does our server have that others don’t?
well to start off with, we have 30 slots. we also have quite a NEW selection of human weapons, including “'ol matilda”, a double barreled shotgun, and the “ahnihalator minigun” which you can use to boost zombies to death!

are there any NEW zombies? of course!

The TankCrab - the buff headcrab of the ZS world. hits 10 damage and has double health, but is lacking in speed

The Reaper - a somewhat buff fast zombie. hits 10 damage and has all the other atributes as the fast zombie. this one is VERY lethal. thus its introduction in wave 8 :smiley:

So, come play!
Here’s our ip:
we are ALWAYS looking for new administrators and all are handpicked by ME.