Ironsight toggle

Hi there,
I’m making a SWEP and I would like some help toggling the iron sights.
I found this code from an old swep pack but it does not work.

function SWEP:IronSight()

	if !self.Owner:KeyDown(IN_USE) then
	-- If the key E (Use Key) is not pressed, then

		if self.Owner:KeyPressed(IN_ATTACK2) then
		-- When the right click is pressed, then

			self.Owner:SetFOV( 65, 0.15 )

			self:SetIronsights(true, self.Owner)
			-- Set the ironsight true

			if CLIENT then return end

Here’s the ironsight positions

SWEP.IronSightsPos 		= Vector (5.1489, -4.2492, 2.6844)
SWEP.IronSightsAng 		= Vector (0.2289, 0.0109, 0)

The whole SWEP code is here:

Could someone show me the right code to toggle the iron sight with the “attack2” (usually right click) button?