Ironsights for sprinting

Just asking, are these the right codes for the ironsights when you run?

SWEP.RunSightsPos = Vector( 0, 0, 0)
SWEP.RunSightsAng = Vector( 0, 0, 0)

I pasted them into my swep and changed the numbers, but nothing happens in-game. Is there another code to paste in?

It’s not just paste the numbers and it works. You must edit your ironsights code to use these numbers at certain conditions. And it’s not a copy&paste work.

Then for gods sake tell me HOW to do that? Any EXAMPLE ?

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You seem to be an asshole to new-comers.

No examples. Again, this isn’t “make me a thing” forum. You can either look for existing code in existing sweps, or code it yourself.

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And you seem to think that everyone is supposed to make everything for you for free.

Just get out of my sight. You don’t understand the point of my kind of question.
I don’t think everyone is supposed to make everything for me for free, I am just looking for a “Help”. - vegasx helped me by giving me a code to copy. He’s getting the point.

Noone will be able to give you any code before you provide what you already have.