Ironsights not working for any weapons.

I recently did a clean install of gmod, and then took over all of the addons that I wanted from the old one and put them into the new folder. Everything works great, and it loads faster, etc. cause of the new install, but for one thing. Ironsights don’t work for anything. I first noticed it with the default CS:S weapons. I’d rightclick, and nothing would happen. Then, when I jumped, it would spring to the ironsight animation, but only while I was in midair. As soon as I landed, it went back to not showing the ironsight. I’ve downloaded some new weapon packs, and this happens to their ironsights as well.
Even with the stargate pack, I can’t see the model of the staff weapon unless I jump, and then it goes away when I land.
Does anybody know what could be causing this? A bad animation file? A missing/broken material? What?

Uhm, how about dodgy controls… have you binded the button for scope to the same button you use for jump.

I have the same problem, OP.

I also don’t have any crosshairs for any weapons, either. :saddowns:

Of course not. When I press right click for ironsights, the crosshair goes away, as if it is in ironsights, it just hasn’t moved to that position.

Does anyone know what could be causing this? I’d really like to play gmod normally.

What is the point of the help and support section if no one can help you?

I have the same problem. I think it may have been caused by an FpsBanana model replacement pack, but I’m having trouble finding it on

Well I hope you find the reason for yours. I haven’t downloaded any replacement packs. I can’t think of what would be causing it. I don’t even know why it’s happening.