Irregular Eyes and Eye-Posing in Source

I’m working on models for GMod that I hope to be fully face and eye poseable.

The problem is the eyes are inherently irregular in shape, and overly large.

I’ve seen ragdolls before with such features, unfortunately without eye-posing of any kind. But I’m certain there are alternatives to using perfect spherical eyes for posing. Other video games feature characters like these and seem to have little problem with it.

If I were only rendering, I would manipulate the placing of the eye-texture coordinates to achieve this, but I’m as such unaware of any method of translating this technique into a game engine.

Does Source really only allow for perfect-sphere eyes, or are there alternatives?

I Don’t know models, but I’ve seen Source ported ragdolls have half-spheres/domes for eyes.

Actually most original source models use flat polies in the eyesockets instead of actual spheres. The spherical effect is then reached with a shader. Usually as long as you have two eyes you eyeposing should work fine - just might have to change the angle of them depending on their positions.

Don’t under estimate the usefulness of the QC_eyes app located in the SourceSDK. It makes everything SO much easier as long as you get the proper vertex coordinates you need.