Is 3 years of Maya worth it?

I’m looking into 3D modeling and I have some experience, but I’m not sure if I’ll improve and if i’ll use it once and never touch it again. So I have a few questions to ask.

Is maya considered good when it comes to modeling software or is it the same as blender and 3DS max?

Which year of maya is the best?

Does it work well on a mac os x?

Sorry if these are childish or stupid questions, but I’m just getting into 3D modeling and everything seems so big and scary.

Yes, Maya is a good, professional package. It is used for games and film.

I can’t speak for mac, but if you’re on windows and want to do stuff for source, then 2013 32bit is your best bet. If that’s not a big concern, then the newest one will do fine.

Regardless of your choice, the best you can do is stick to the program you choose and not jump to another platform.

Hello, I’m fresh into Maya, I can’t recommend it enough. I’ve tried 3ds Max and Blender before, but, at least for me, my best experiences have been just diving in and grueling through the first few tutorials in Maya. I use the 2014 Student License, and it’s great so far. Best of luck to you!