Is a Face Creation System possible in gMod?

Basically, I’m wondering if something like what BM:S purports to have is doable in gMod with existing models, or perhaps with a custom base model.

Faceposer only goes so far with the standard faces we are all sick of seeing by now. You can shift brows around, pull cheeks in or out, and a few other things, but it would be very hard to actually create entirely unique faces.

Perhaps given a custom head model that was much more deformable than the existing models you could do something like this.

I would be trying to make this myself right now if my gfx card hadn’t burnt out, so if anyone has any ideas about how this could work, or wanted to try to make it, that would be great.

Probably with some sort of module, but otherwise no, not with lua.

with extreme amounts of meshes and stuff, it COULD be done only partially.

Sam are u good at modeling.Because if u are can u help me.Im trying to give Pez some good ideas?


What do you meen Meshes?

you’d have to create new models to accomplish this. the facial system in source uses one face in a series of poses that is all extracted into one file. Each pose acts as a minimum and maximum for each shape or pose. You’d have to create new shapes (better known as morph targets) the heavy weapons guy mod is a good example of this.

I had this idea once. I was thinking it may be possible using the face poser or something by giving it extra values that morph things in different ways.

Are we limited to how many face pose parameters we can have? If not then this could be possible.

If you read the link, this is a combination of face posing ( the hair is a flex ), bodygroups, and skins. So, yes, this is possible. You’d need models that support all the flexes in question for it to work, though, which generally means custom models.


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