Is a FLIR addon possible in gmod?

So, I was thinking, can it be done for gmod? Like have attached to the helicopter vehicle or something. But, I’m not sure about being able to zoom in with it, or switch the thermal imaging from black to white. If you don’t know what FLIR is, look at:

Plus, my friend might port a predator uav, so it might be useful for it.

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If you don’t mind just wrapping everything in a color mod, no problem. But if you want it to dynamically decide if stuff is hot or cold, then you may need custom materials for every object in the game.

Or just have players and NPCs get a plain white material put on them along with the post processing.

Yeah, that’s what I mean. But if you want guns to glow based on how much they’ve been firing, if you want props that are on fire to glow brighter only where the fire is, if you want shades of color on objects that is lighter closer to the center, that’s a lot more code.

Ah, too bad I don’t have any lua skills. What a pity. I wish someone would make this.