Is a ping of 150ms good? UK to Dallas?


I have a short and sweet question.

**I have been checking out Xenon Servers and was going to buy one to host my new RP gamemode, I am looking for a 64 slot server. When I did a ping test to a server in Dallas, the average was around 150ms. **

Is this good, the reason I ask is because their service looks supreme to any other, not only that, but it’s cheaper than any other.
Please guys, I need your help :3:**


why is it bad? Is it unplayable or what?

Pings of 100+ are not the greatest, you’d rather go with something below 100.
150 isn’t too bad though.

Our servers are actually located in Kansas City, Missouri.

By “Ours” you mean, who? are you a member of Xenon servers? and would a server hosted their be any different?

Actually 200+ ping is bad.
I’ve played with 150 ping, it’s still playable and fun.

Because I want to actually have some fun on my server, not frustrated by lag :downs:

I play with 390 ping all the time, I have no problems…

Im in Australia… Fucking slow internet.

I don’t get any lag when I have 150 ping.

200 ping is considered excellent ping over here in China.

You’ll probably have better latency with these:

I get 145ms from Washington (seattle) to the UK.

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On those servers.

Yeah we’ll have UK soon.

Cool, Brock.

I play on servers with a 150-200 ping and I have no lag at all and I’m from the UK and if you think about it 150ms for my computer to send info across the Atlantic then into and around the US is not that bad if I personally wanted to get to the server location in the same amount of time I would need to be traveling at 9720000 mph lol now that is what I call a roller coaster ride.

meh, when I play with friends in Seattle I don’t get past 120 and I’m from the UK and my internet sucks ass, so 150 to Texas is pretty shitty

Still, it could be worse, but I’d say 150 would be the limit of acceptability, anymore than that and it would definitely be a bit shit pal

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oh ffs 2 week old thread, damn you ciyborg

So! Just answering a question its not like the thread was locked or some thing or Dragon Master said thanks for the input in my eyes it’s still open.

Dragon Master if you like the company and you think they do a good service then go for it and when they get the UK servers running and you are still concerned about ping just transfer the server from the USA to the UK it’s not hard for Xenon servers to do that if they still use TCAdmin its just one click of a button.

a roler coster enging in 0.032 seconds due to you being intergrated.

I have a 20 ping on a server from russia.

Im in the uk so i wonder what it will be for a server in the uk =D