is aimbot bannable?

Hello. I see the late threads about gamma, so i ll do mine too. The question of day: can i use aimbot and not be banned? My computer and programms, that i have on it are letting me to write aimbot for rust (i think nearly every comp and a lot of people can now write programs, so averege rust player can do it). So i think it s fair if everyone will use everything on their computer, as they wish. They bought computer that is letting them to run or do aimbot themselfs, same as gamma. Averege player can use google and find how to do aimbot (it s not downloading programm! All by your hands!). I think aimbot shoud be letted for people to use. Does game has strong defence against aimbot? (let s not call it cheat. It s just an inside computer programm). No. Seems like developers made this game for aimbot people who can fly. Same as for people, who want to see at night MAGICALLY. There we go!


Make a poll.
In other words, aimbot isn’t bannable, i mean duh you’re shooting everyone in 1 second THAT IS IN YOUR LINE OF SIGHT, so is fair.

Awaits “Y DID VAC BAN ME HOW TO APPEAL” post in a few days…

If it doesn’t effect the .dll then i don’t think you can be VAC banned.

(or the memory)

No. A program that gives you an advantage over other players is still considered a cheat. You WILL get VAC banned for using such programs, as VAC detects any external application/tool that is editing the game’s memory.


There is no excuse for running aimbots. They are cheating. Read this screen carefully:

That means you.

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wow not only they openly hack in game
they also come to official forums to talk about it

Forgot to mention the memory… Ah well.

stahp lyin its not bannable silly tail :>

Oh guys. I think it s not giving me any advantage over anyone, when everyone can use it or using it, don t you think so? It s same as gamma in my opinion!

P.S: some people should learn what is sacrasm.

The good old, “Jokes on you, I was only pretending to be retarded!”

This guy uses aimbot…

What’s considered an unfair advantage?

A high perf. PC would be an unfair advantage to then? Since most people can’t afford it?

Everyone perfectly knows that aimbot, wallhack, flying is a cheat. Why? 1) cos it s resticted by developers in rules. 2) cos it s against game idea. If it was not against the rules - a lot of people would use it.
Now second point: gamma change is same as this cheat. Every comp is able do it. Some comps can do it only with programms (but who cares). Is nightvision is supposed to be in this game? No. Is it against rules? No. But it s against game IDEA. Developers did night for NOT being able to see anything.
The third point: you can t check if anyone using gamma up/down. So neither admins, nor vac can prevent it.

PS: last time i used cheat more than 10 years ago. And in sigleplayer too.

they can if you use an external program to change your gamma :slight_smile:

That joke is way too old to be called good.

Rust is meant to be run on a machine that can handle the game.
If you decide to play on a slow machine, that’s your problem.

Cheats were not meant to be run with the game. That’s why that is an unfair advantage, and having a good computer isn’t.