is all this asking for updates stopping the updates?


I want to know is this talk of an update all of us “begging” for an update stopping it from happening
lots of devs and creators from games stop an update when people stop begging

I have to agree that the updates are not coming through and that it is annoying but what if that
if all the begging for updates is the reason why we are not getting updates

I think that the amount of creators that are on this game doing updates and the patch is appalling but still
they are working on more games and the progress is incredibly slow.

I think all the threads begging and screaming for updates just make the developers more inclined to just ignore the thousand or so angry rants present on their updates page and on the forums. It never changes, its always the same thing. So why bother looking? The Rust subforum is a fucking minefield of morons and trolls, and it’s more trouble than its worth most of the time.

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So, no it’s not slowing a damn thing down. Only thing it’s slowing is community input, but that’s shit most of the time too.

nah not stopping updates.

but it will be putting up a wall between devs and the community.

On the other hand people demanding more content is a good problem for devs to have.

More than likely, they’re gonna continue their pace regardless of, “whiner outcry,” for lack of a better term. While it does help give them that sense of urgency to continue working, I think they already have that, and it stems from their love of developing games. If they were really the type to get pissed about update demand, they probably wouldn’t have continually updated Gmod for 8 years. :stuck_out_tongue:

the devs aren’t dicks…they’re just busy lol