Is an NPC possessor even possible?

We’ve seen pills.
We’ve seen SNPC posessors…
But what we’ve NEVER seen, is something that can control vanilla NPCs. (Dropships, Combine Soldiers, Alyx, Barney, Gunships, Manhacks etc.)

Is this even POSSIBLE? I see this comprehensible (for me, at this moment in time) code in Nutscript HL2RP that seems to be able to control city scanners and claw scanners. Tried replacing them with manhacks or hunter choppers or even other ground NPCs, but to no avail. (can’t control them)

Is this possible and why or why not? And will we ever see it? And how does the code work for controlling scanners in NS? Can it be modified for other NPCs such as Manhacks?

The code for “controlling” scanners in NS is not the vanilla scanner, but a re-make of it :v:


I am making a NPC controller now. I have been working on it for a week now.

Does this basically do what you want?

I’ve got it on my server. It allows you to create and set various options on all of the vanilla NPCs.

Sorry if I’m misunderstanding what you’re looking for :v:

That’s not it, (looking for a direct controller: possessor) but at least you tried. :downs:

Does it possess vanilla NPCs? If so… Lua King x 9999

Why can’t you just use that one E2 dupe that lets you control them?

What’s it called? Where is it?
But thanks for reminding me of it, at least… can’t find it doe?