Is anyone else getting Random fps lag spikes after the latest patch?

Since the latest patch I have been getting -30 fps spikes every 15 seconds or so and it is extremely annoying. Started happening after the zombie removal patch. I have tried other games and they run fine with no drops. Anyone else getting this?
I normally run 50-80 fps and it drops by 30 for a split second every so often

Any errors in console? Be sure to check your console. It will tell you everything you need to know if it is a coding related problem. Most of the time.

I heard its a virus from a hack >.> thats what some guys have been saying in chat.

Hi HaterzHD. I highly doubt it :slight_smile:

Just people running around abusing the fact its a alpha game. But the harder they come the faster they go… its fact.

Nope no unusual console stuff,just this annoying random lag

same thing here, i rent a fps server so idk if this is fpsservers problem because they’re updating they network, or if it’s related with the last update.

the game is pretty much unplayable for me