Is anyone else getting the no equip bug after a bit?

After playing for a while, when I hit the hotboar it stops responding and equipping stuff. Happened in the last update, and it’s still there in this one.

I’ve tried disconnecting then logging back on, killing the program completely and restarting, killing steam completely and restarting, checking process list for the UI thing between restarts in case it hung (it wasn’t there), and none of it fixes it.

Really annoying, because you would think that if it worked alright for half an hour at first, it should do again once the program is restarted. I can’t figure out what to do to fix it.

I think people refer to that as the “hotbar” bug. It only happens to me when I try to use triangle plans.

Confirmed, this is what was causing it. I had a triangle plan and was trying to build straight away with it which triggered it, even though I had disconnected.

If this happens to you, there’s no way to turn the triangle plan into any other plan via right click, so I had to throw it away, make another, then relog, and it was fixed.

Cheers, that was driving me mad.

This has already been reported: