is anyone else having this crap?

are the portal props still spawning for you guys or did portal receltly undergo an update that made it completly !@#$ed up??? cause every time i try to spawn a portal item it doesnt work and i already tried naming my gmod folder garrysmod - old and then starting gmod again to reset it just incase but it didnt work and i almost lost half my stuff doing that but i got lucky but even still it wasted an hour of my weekend. any ideas as to what !@#$ed up portal with gmod? cause i know portal itself still works but in gmod it doesnt. the portal maps dont even show up anymore :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you even have Portal?

i said i know the game still works. in otherwords WHAT DO YOU THINK!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?! OF COARSE I HAVE THE GAME I BOUGHT IT LAST YEAR! i want to use the props from portal in gmod and the fact that i CANT is really Pissing me off right now.

I’m getting really pissed of at faggots like YOU who fucking ask for help and then when someone asks a question you guys go fucking apeshit. We aren’t even being payed to help you guys yet we do it. With absolutely nothing in return. Then, on top of that, you fags fucking tell us that we’re wrong, we shouldn’t be asking, etc. I don’t know about some people but I wouldn’t take up time typing a post that doesn’t even fucking matter. We ask questions for a reason. As for why I asked that, is because you may be a damn pirate who fucking torrented Portal. And judging by your attitude, usage of punctuation marks, and the way you type, you are 9-12. You aren’t even allowed on these forums. God damnit.

Well, I had to get that off my chest. So lets try try to help you. And IF YOU TALK LIKE THIS!?!?!?!?!? again I will not continue helping you.

Make sure in your GMod Options Portal is mounted.

first off im srry for acting like a fag, but i cant help it i yell a lot when i get pissed :stuck_out_tongue: anyway, gmod options…portal…mounted…? what does that mean? im confused. but ill look

edit: …0_0… my god… how could i have missed that…or turned it off in the first place for that matter… thanks a ton. now i can finaly use my portal models again :smiley:


actually im 14 :stuck_out_tongue: also, i dont pyrate games unlike my friend who half the time acts like a fag but the other half hes a good friend. but he’s an egomaniac and he pyrates almost virtually every game or over non-free ware program he owns XP


and as for my grammer, well, its really good outside of forums and games, inside em, i dont really care as long as i can type it fast enough to get stuff done

Pirate not pyrate. :eng101: /grammar nazi

:stuck_out_tongue: everyones allowed to make their own mistakes you know