Is anyone else on the Dev Branch (opt-in) not seeing an Official Dev Server? or able to connect to ANY servers for that matter?

Title says it all, I stay on the dev branch pretty exclusively, and theres always a dev server within a short time after a client update, but its 6+ hours later, and still no server THAT I CAN SEE.
Am i having an Isolated issue?, Or are any of you also having problems.

Usually, It was the case when on the dev branch that you wouldn’t see every community server, You’d only see the ones that are also on the dev branch…
Right now this is a problem, because if there is a server i can connect to… i’m going to have to try finding it by connecting to all 500 community servers 1 by 1… which im sure would be basically empty.

Side note, Dev-Debug (opt-in) gives a EAC Game File mismatch error 100% of the time.

I had to switch to the new “stable” branch. I used to play on “development”, but since they split it into “development” and “development-debug”, when I launch, it spews errors about not being able to launch Unity and when I move the files its looking for into the folder its looking in, the game launches to the title screen, but it’s blank (no text or menus). I was also getting file version mismatch errors, even after validating the install via steamcmd. Switching to “stable” fixed all of that, but I’m not sure what the update policy on that branch is.