Is anyone else waiting on an update?

So after playing hundreds of hours of Rust I quit playing a couple weeks ago because I realized that all I can do now is repeat what I’ve already done over and over. So I was just wondering has anyone else decided to stop playing until even a minor update is made?

I am, but watching all the crazy changes going on in the experimental branch is more than keeping me occupied at the moment.

I’m loving the clothing section of the inventory. Just watching your character track your mouse pointer provides a good two, maybe even three minutes of improvised fun.


yea, i quite too … i love the game really. but i think its not the problem that you repease everything, i think these gamebreaker bugs are the main problem ( like build up a base in a rock or build a sleeping bag in an other base through the wall and loot there stuff) i know its an alpha and bugs are normaly but this bugs destroy the whole gameplay. its make no sense to play when you know that your whole base is empty when someone is using this bug against u.

Welcome to alphas, where getting underlying systems to work right is more important than mass content updates.

Oh I understand that Alphas need to work on getting systems in check but we haven’t even gotten a bug fixing update in quite a while.

Which probably would have worked out better for FP if that was the order they tried doing it in originally.

Yep. Waiting patiently.

Yeah, I’m not really playing anymore until the rust reboot is in a playable state (which doesn’t take much, honestly). Like canox250 said it’s not even really the lack of new content or anything, it’s mostly the game-breaking bugs. Specifically removing walls clientside and using a sleeping bag to raid. Everything I get is gone in less than a day. Anyone can raid you for free at any time. It’s crazy.

Join a server that holds events maybe?

I’m waiting for today’s devblog at the moment.

It’s funny because that’s pretty much what they’ve been doing right from the start.

You can’t make the system work right until you know what you need it to do. Only way to find that out is a prototype phase which we have been in since its first “release.”

I’m not sure why you’ve been expecting a “bug fixing update”. I thought it was pretty clear that there will be no more updates to the version of Rust we play now. All future work on the game will be put towards the Rust reboot (experimental branch).

I was! Until third-person.

Nothing good ever comes out from third-person in an fps-game.

Yeah, i know that they wana test third person, but this game is enjoyable in first person. Ive tried the third person command when it was available very early in the game, and it wasnt as enjoyable and immersive.

Yes. Rust has become really stale for me at the moment. I’ve been waiting on them to push through an update, but after looking through their Friday dev blogs I’m not holding my breath for it to happen any time soon. They appear to be completely remaking the game, and if you’ve tried the experimental branch you’ll see that they still have quite a lot of work to do before it can replace the current version of Rust. Yeah it’s disappointing that it’s taking so long, but in the end I believe it will be worth it.
I don’t expect any updates for at least another month. They have a ridiculous amount of work ahead of them.

Flaming aside, they’re starting over which is understandable. Just kinda don’t know if I’ll be around long enough to play the updated version. There are other games coming out that have caught my fancy.

Nope! I got my update, you’ll get yours soon :zoid:

That was an update of experimental version which as of now is nothing more than a laggy small island

I know, I was being sarcastic.