Is anyone interested in having a precision aim swep in garrysmod?

Hey i thought that a precision aim swep for GarrysMod may be a nice addition but i don’t like to waste my time, so if you like the idea just say yes or otherwise say no.

This will likely also come with custom animations, different animations wich vary for different parts of the body hit by the shot.

If you don’t know or remember what precision aim is heres a video.

If i get about 10 yes’s then i will do this

The animation would work…if this game ran on something like Euphoria, which it doesn’t.

Would love to have that was my fave thing in the max payne games :smiley:

I used to love max payne but lol i don’t remember that in it

Do it :dance:

Seems like it would be an awesome addition to the already awesome game

Plus it would help make “Assassinate Breen” type missions a lot cooler being able to kill Breen in your own way or it would make more like a surprise kill

And it would be great for those machinima makers with a cool effect of somebody getting shot >_>

Do it.

OMG. I forgot about Strangle Hold. Haven’t played it in a while. DO EET