Is Anyone Up To Seeing If FFXIII PC Can Be Moddified?

FFXIII PC will be out in roughly 2 weeks and 3 days.

I’m not trying to get everyone’s hopes up and say that it can be done. I pre-ordered the game just two days ago and i might take a look at it. those who are interested, I would like to point out some things of interests, and things no one will have to think about modding.

System specs[/T]

Things not to think about modding - The specifications point out 30 gbs of space and a list of spoken languages. the PC version should have both English and Japanese dialog, as well as full 1080p movies.

Things to consider modding - Ever since the XB version of FXIII’s models were ripped, it’s been noted that there were high resolution LODs of main characters weighing more than twice their gameplay versions, hidden in the game’s code.


There is no guaranty it can be done but It’s possible to check if their gameplay versions can be replaced within the game’s files. textures could also be checked too if they can be enhanced. There was a MOD years ago that FFXIII-2’s outfits could be changed.


Level layouts i don’t think can be altered, maybe maybe not. I do think level textures could be enhanced though, that might be worth a shot for some of you who are interested.

These are all hypothetical possibilities, i’m just putting this info out there.