is anyone willing to host gm_ghosthunt?

Hello, I recently downloaded gm_ghosthunt and played it for a bit. I want to play it a lot but it’s just too scary for me - I am a wuss.
Can someone host gm_ghosthunt? With the black ‘n’ white fix?
I can only join in 17-20 hours though, since I’m about to go to sleep and I have school tomorrow.

Use hamachi and play with a friend.

I remember playing this map on a roleplay server, Me and a couple of guys went into the kitchen and [sp]All of these cabinets opened up and started firing bottles like missles at us, so we ducked and hid behind a counter for about 10 seconds, then a zombie or some sort of ghost ran up to us and I heard some random screaming sound, we ran out and ran into some room that had an operating table inside of it, then a baby on the operating table flew up into the air and exploded, killing all of us.[/sp] :ohdear:

I personally love this map and if you can find someone to host it you can probably count me in.

JESUS CHRIST, This map is so fucking scary that I closed the game before something happened.
Seriously, I will host it.

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It’s up!