Is anyone willing to make an GM_Bigcity Sandbox Server?

I’m saying this as most of the servers are full of minges / Propspammers or random people killing themselves.

Before you say ‘Why don’t you make your own server?’:

Does 1MB/s on my Internet answer your question? If I had better connection, I’d make it, and Mod it to my likings and moderate it. I’m an good Moderator and can help everyone out. Anyways, What do you think?

1MB/s should be plenty for an 8-10 server, though.

Eh, I guess I could try. Still, Any suggestions before I make it?

If you don’t want minges, make sure you set a minimum hour limit people need on GMod before they can join. Bigcity is a minge magnet after all.

I should post that on the help forums as I really have no Idea on how to do that. As most times all ‘Tutorials’ Show that you need to have port fowarded to make an actual GMOD Server. Last thing that’s keeping me from making it it’s that I want to use Mr. Hoffa’s Neurotec but almost noone knows about it.