Is anyone working on any new custom gamemodes?

At this point it seems all the gamemodes that get popular are RP servers. Are there any lesserknown gamemodes or good new custom ones being developed?

There are loads of good gamemodes that dont have any people playing on them, but the thing is that almost noneone notices them thanks to other gamemodes that take over on the server browser as DarkRP or TTT/Prophunt

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If you search for a bit you’ll easily find really good gamemodes. One of my favorite is Morbus and there was another one of green aliens which had two teams and you had to build and attack the enemies fortress, that sure was fun. I also remember some awesome Fretta gamemodes from gmod 12, but those are pretty dead and not used at all.

EDIT: Bug Boys it was

There are tons, and if a good gamemode is in danger of dieing off, someone almost certainly will host a server for it.

Bug Boys, Go Fish, Warmelon RTS, just to name a few. The best advice I can give is open the legacy browser, sort by gamemode name, and use the “exclude tags” to get rid of darkrp, prophunt, TTT and sandbox.

[sp]There’s also ReDead and Winter Survival 2[/sp][sp]plz no ban[/sp]

and halo/starwars rp

They are just renamed DarkRP gamemodes, anyone can rename DarkRP and change the player models and make custom job names based on something else.
That doesn’t make it a new unique gamemode.

If anyone has ever heard of the flood gamemode, I’ve been working on my own for a long time which I should finish this month.

Sadly the only (good) versions of the flood gamemode are private and run by two communities with pay to win donations. What’s even worse is that these two major communities force their gamemode out of the normal category, killing anyone else that tries to make a server. For my server to be noticed I’ll have to do the same.

My goal is to open a balanced, non pay to win, flood server with a gamemode on par with these communities that have had their gamemodes in development for years. It’s a tough task and I am doing it alone, but I’ve had this project in the works for a long time now, so hopefully something will come of it.

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I think he means add halo/starwars rp to the list of excluded tags.

Rant: I do have a few ideas for game modes but really staying motivated to get them completed is a though one for me at the moment, although it will be for the better to get some new popular content out there for players to get into, it also is the point that putting a lot of working into something and then it not going as well as expected, this seems to be a common thing I think about when making something which is demotivating as hell, but i’ll hopefully come up with a good idea some day to make.

If you have an idea for a gamemode just slam out a barebones prototype as fast as you can, and then watching randoms join and have fun with it is all the motivation you’ll need to keep going. Content and visuals don’t matter that much as long as it’s playable, even if it’s HL2 models on a dev-textured map you made in 15 minutes.

you didn’t get the joke :chillout:

I’ve got a newer RP gamemode in development… lots of fun stuff…

I’m making a pretty huge RP gamemode which is written from scratch and will be 100% free for everyone with the only rule being that you don’t get the right to claim that the gamemode as released by me (since I wrote it from scratch) was actually a copy of whatever you have got. Because it’s not.

I’ve been working on Desolation for quite some months now and I should step up and release it once and for all.
It’s a survival gamemode with skills, diseases, and stuff.

Even tho I’m kinda worried about it not liking to the public but I’ll have to try :v: