Is anything called when a player holds a weapon

Is anything called when a player holds a weapon? I was looking at

WEAPON/Equip, but that is when a player picks up a weapon, and even when they’re not holding the weapon, the code will still run as if they were.


Just check if the weapon currently being held is the one that you’re doing stuff with?

No I don’t think that will work, where would I put the name of the weapon?

Okay, so would I use


Sounds like you don’t know what you’re asking for. Since you linked to a WEAPON hook I assumed you wanted a WEAPON hook.

This is probably what you want.

Okay, can you forget what I said before? Now I’m asking if there is a way to see the name of the weapon a player is holding.


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Searching the wiki is easy, please look there first.

Ok sorry, I’ll make sure to look on the wiki. Thanks for the answer!

You’re welcome!