Is Autodesk Maya 2011/2012 Usefull?


I’ve been Using 3D Studio Max For almost 3 Years now.

And im wondering…
Is Autodesk’s Maya 2011 / 2012 Usefull?

why use 2011/xx12…use the latest one xx14, its got the most/new features

Well. I tried… for some reason it said (Not Compatible with 32-Bit)… like 3DS MAX 2014.
And 2013 doesn’t supper LIME’s Maya Export… (For me it doesn’t) I can import but not rigged.

sucks for you then…should have installed 64bit OS

I have a 64Bit Computer (its fried though…)


Burnt. not working anymore. my dad’s trying to get money to fix it. And I just did a video… of LIME. and there rigged now. (didn’t have a “.BIND” Maya Script…

first you need to figure out what your going to be using it the most for. I would say overall yes both versions are. The animation tools combined with the modeling tools and work flow you can setup makes it worth it. Get the bonus tools also

Yea. im learning Maya. very good modeling system. like it a lot like 3DS MAX.

Learn some basic mel scripting and you will start to realize the full potential of maya, regardless of what version you have.